I am driven by curiosity, but also like to be engaged in the world around me. As a science journalist, you can nicely combine the two. I like the fact that, as a journalist, you can ask questions, but I also like to put it all together in an orderly fashion. I often look beyond the Dutch borders and made reports mainly in East Africa. Themes I often write about are climate change, food security and agriculture, poverty and international cooperation.

At the moment, my regular clients are NEMO Kennislink (in the climate theme) and Vice Versa, but I also work for other magazines and newspapers.

I can also be hired as a science communicator. Commissioned by, for example, a university, a social organisation or a ministry, I then make books, brochures or websites. I write texts, but I can also coordinate the entire production, and if necessary I can involve other writers, translators and designers from my network.

I studied tropical land use and development sociology at Wageningen University, doing one and a half years of fieldwork in South Africa and Tanzania. After my studies, I started working as a journalist. I learned the trade through a course at the Hogeschool Utrecht, but mainly by learning it in practice at publisher Cereales. There, I was employed for ten years as science journalist for the university magazine of Wageningen (Resource). Later, I was a partner in an international communication agency in the field of food, water and energy (ImpactReporters). Meanwhile, I have 22 years of experience as a science journalist.

Besides being a writer, I am also a father, a dog and cat lover, a vegetable gardener and a Buddhist.